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Kutztown Historic Home Restoration

This two story curved turret was in need of a full restoration when the crew was hired.  We stipped out all of the rotted material and rebuilt this gem from scratch.  Almost all of the original historic trim elements had to be fabricated. 


Kutztown Historic Home Facade Renewal

This home underwent some major changes!  At some point in the last 50 years someone removed all of the historic trim on this house and covered up this beautiful brick with aluminum siding.  Once all of the siding and paint was removed we fabricated and installed historically appropriate trim.  We also installed energy efficient windows that mimicked the look of the originals. 


Thornbeck Farmhouse

This window frame was rotted down to the stonewalls.  All of the original windows and trims were carefully removed, cleaned, painted and installed.  Stone walls were made secure. A historically accurate white oak frame was installed and the window unit reassembled.

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